The Newark Partnership’s membership is made up of both institutions and individuals. Institutional members may be any business or nonprofit community-benefit organizations operating in Newark, or hoping to participate in the future development of Newark. Individual members may be those living, working or studying in Newark or those living outside the city limits who desire to participate in and support the Newark community.

Generally, institutional and individual memberships are different from one another and offer different levels of financial support and/or involvement. The following examples of these different types of members and funding commitments are offered for illustrative purposes. The board of directors of the new Newark Partnership will determine the specific levels of financial support in Spring 2019.

Institutional members may be:

  • Leading/Core Sponsors: these members will pledge an initial three-year commitment for start-up support. At this time, it is expected that lead/core sponsors will make an annual fiscal contribution and would have representation on the governing board of the new organization. The University of Delaware, the City of Newark, and large corporate and business institutions in the city will be invited as founding sponsors with initial three-year funding commitments.

  • Business Sponsors: these members will include City of Newark businesses and/or service firms. Similar to the membership fee structure for a Chamber of Commerce, the annual membership fee for businesses will be scaled to the number of full-time equivalent employees.

  • Nonprofit Community Sponsors: these members include community institutions (i.e., nonprofits, civic associations, advocacy organizations, churches). The annual membership fee will be lower for this group than for private institutions but also scaled by the number of full-time equivalent employees.

  • External Membership Level: these are businesses or other private institutions outside city limits that will pay on a scale that parallels the Newark business membership fee structure, but with a slightly higher cost than businesses within the city limits.

  • Entry Level: these may be student organizations who would like to be involved at a larger, community level. This would require a minimal, token contribution.

Individual members will pay an annual fee, with options for additional contributions and pledges for higher levels of core individual sponsorship.

Individual members will include:

  • Residents of Newark (a household can pay one membership fee)

  • Temporary residents or non-residents who are students attending UD or other educational institutions in Newark

  • Non-residents working in Newark

  • Advocates for Newark, who may live elsewhere (some across the state lines, but who are reliant on Newark as their community).

TNP may offer an alternative to the membership fee by making membership available to individuals who donate to member community organizations.