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Our History

TNP was founded by recommendation of the Downtown Newark Partnership’s (DNP) Strategic Planning committee in summer 2018. While the DNP sunset at the close of 2018, TNP was born in January 2019, ready to commit to becoming a city-wide community-based organization that benefits all people who interact with Newark.

Mission & Guiding Principles

The mission of the The Newark Partnership (TNP) will build upon Newark’s distinctive assets as an inclusive and innovative university community in which businesses, community institutions, city residents, and students work together toward the common goals of enriching the city’s prosperity and improving the quality of life.

TNP will:

Be a nonprofit, community-based, citywide institution*;

Engage participation and active support from the city government, the university, business and community institutions, residents and students;

Promote sustainable, citywide economic and cultural development that improves the overall quality of life;

Maintain the vitality of downtown Newark as a central zone of community life**;

Support initiatives that make Newark a preferred place for all people to live, work, enjoy, learn, do business and visit;

Strengthen communication, cooperation and collaboration among community partners to effectively address the needs of our diverse and inclusive community; and,

Develop a vision for the future of Newark.

*Citywide means within the geographic boundaries of the city of Newark.

**Downtown Newark includes Main Street, South Main Street, Delaware Avenue, Cleveland Avenue and adjoining areas that contribute to the commercial, cultural and aesthetic core of the city.

Core Working Groups

There are three core program areas in TNP that correspond to its hybrid mission: promoting citywide economic development; connecting and supporting community-based nonprofit institutions; and engaging residents in community advocacy for the ongoing improvement of the quality of life.

Economic Development

TNP is committed to expanding the diversity and engagement of Newark residents by facilitating solution-focused dialogues about community strengths, desires, and issues.

There are over 800 businesses and commercial establishments within the City of Newark’s boundaries. This number is expected to grow in the decades ahead, especially with the expansion of the UD STAR campus. 

Goal 1: Establish an Economic Enhancement advisory committee.   


Goal 2: Promote and support the growth of local, small businesses.   


Goal 3: Partner with the City of Newark to develop a vision and action plan for sustainable development in the city. 

Nonprofit Community Support

TNP seeks to support nonprofits of all sizes achieve their individual missions by providing professional development and networking opportunities, while also facilitating collaboration and awareness of these nonprofits. 

Goal 1: create an online resource sharing platform.   


Goal 2: attract faith-based community membership.   


Goal 3: Host regular meetings between all nonprofits to identify and address larger community concerns. 


TNP will create an information-sharing network for Newark nonprofit institutions that can help in the coordination of services and events, and offer a portal through which those who live, work and study in our city can easily locate institutions that provide services that they need.

TNP also coordinates professional development programs for Newark nonprofits. We can also help to strengthen the shared capacity of the Newark nonprofit community by bridging the divide between the nonprofit, public, and private sectors.

Civic Engagement

TNP is committed to expanding the diversity and engagement of Newark residents by facilitating solution-focused dialogues about community strengths, desires, and issues.


Knowing Newark events

– Developing Newark Awards for engaged citizens & public servants

Coordinating Newark’s Little Free Library boxes –>


– Facilitating dialogues on community issues concerns between different faith-based communities.

– Partner with existing University of Delaware student leadership groups to better connect them with the larger community.